Press Release

Polymer optics from Aachen: Fraunhofer and RWTH Aachen University to present the results of their research and development work

Optical plastic components are among the key elements of products from numerous sectors of industry such as automotive manufacturing, entertainment and consumer electronics and medical engineering. The range of production methods and materials used for optical applications is equally diverse. The “Polymer Optics from Aachen” research and development group pools the specialist areas of expertise from the polymer optics production sector and will be presenting its research and development activities in the field of optics manufacture at the Fakuma International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing from 13-17 October 2015 in Friedrichshafen.

In 2014 the group established the “Aachen Polymer Optics Days”, an international conference providing a platform from which to highlight the latest developments and trends in the field of optical plastics manufacturing. In fall 2016, the conference will return to Aachen and will bring together international speakers from industry and research. The multifarious themes of the event range from optics in medical engineering through architectural lighting to the manufacture of optics for use in pig farming. The event will revolve around four groups of lectures:

  • Injection molded optics
  • Continuous production of planar optics and film
  • New materials and applications for plastic optics
  • Light sources and optical systems.

Participants can look forward to 17 interesting presentations highlighting innovative technologies and applications in the field of polymer optics processing. The conference will also offer a forum, providing opportunities for sharing experiences with other experts and generating
lively discussion.

The conference venue, Aachen, home to a number of specialist research facilities, has a long tradition as a research and development center for polymer optics products. The “Polymer Optics from Aachen” initiative is an alliance of three research facilities with a range of specialist areas of interest in the development and production chain of plastic components. These include each process step starting with optics design through tool
and die production to replicative production. The group is represented by the Fraunhofer Institutes for Production Technology IPT and Laser Technology ILT as well as by the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University.