Press Release

Experts from Aachen demonstrate new materials and
digitalization in polymer optics production

Digitization in production is not stopping short of the manufacture of highquality optical polymer components: Digital applications are making an
increasingly frequent contribution towards illustrating production processes
more safely and predictably, thereby producing optical polymer components
faster, more precisely and more reliably. At the polymer technology trade fair,
Fakuma, taking place from 17 to 21 October 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Aachen’s
Fraunhofer Institutes IPT and ILT as well as the Institute of Plastics Processing
(IKV) at the RWTH Aachen University are joining together in hall B4, on stand
B 4404 to offer an initial outlook, concerning new technologies and applications in the manufacture of optical elements from various polymers.
During the exhibition, the partners will be demonstrating the production of silicone lenses using a Babyplast injection molding machine from Christmann Kunststofftechnik GmbH and will be producing sample components for trade fair visitors directly on location. New injection molding tools, mold inserts and the production of optical foils as well as freely formed optics from various materials such as acrylic glass (PMMA) and silicone (LSR) are also part of the exhibition presentation in Friedrichshafen.

Initial outlook for the Aachen Polymer Optic Days 2018

As a research and development center for optical polymer products, the coalition of institutes from Aachen will once again in the coming year be dealing with trends in the production of injection molded and flat optics as well as foils, and will be taking an intensive look at new materials and application options during the joint “Aachen Polymer Optics Days”. The organizers are also setting their sights on the subject block of “Digitization in Optics Production” for the very first time in April 2018, as an overall subject block.

The conference offers a number of specialized lectures by speakers from renowned companies such as Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, BMW AG, BASF SE and Osram AG. The lectures will provide an insight into the latest technologies and products, looking at production challenges along the entire polymer optics process chain.